The Cuckoos Nest

Hello world!

Thank you so much for visiting my new blog! Here is a place that I hope you will find humor, inspiration and insight as I navigate the daily traverse of my life with a set of 88 year old parents and a 90 year old hard-headed spinster aunt. Oh, and a 14 year old blind, deaf Cocker Spaniel mix named Ollie who has congestive heart failure and dementia! At the center of this whirlwind is me, the middle-aged daughter/niece, who still has a real-life job in addition to what is becoming a full-time, also real one, at home. Totally in uncharted waters…

I hope you will come back often. We’ll laugh together. Cry together. Muddle through, together. Because no one gets through this life alone. Life with the geri-set ain’t for sissies, ya’ll!